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13 July 2015 – Delivering my maiden speech
Blog Post – http://mdon.co.uk/1E8OdBg
Audio – http://mdon.co.uk/1Pb3nx0

Asking the Prime Minister if more can be done to support our market towns
Video: http://goo.gl/wEubjV
Audio: http://mdon.co.uk/1JgTfOQ

Raising the plight of young people in the care system
Video: http://mdon.co.uk/1J0GoWa
Audio: http://mdon.co.uk/1OeO432

Speeches in Parliamenthttp://mdon.co.uk/1OeNnGS
Answers to written Questionshttp://mdon.co.uk/1OeRPp2

My first street stall as an MP in Chippenham high street – http://mdon.co.uk/1IYKkqf
Awarding the Melksham Best Shop Trophy – http://mdon.co.uk/1QxC576
Visiting the 2015 Chippenham Folk festival – http://mdon.co.uk/1lWMih9
Attending the opening of the Splash Pool at John Cole’s Park – http://mdon.co.uk/1Pb4a0P
The Melksham Town F.C. celebration and end of season dinner – http://mdon.co.uk/1YqcJaB

Opening of the Elizabeth Sexton Sensory Garden at Chippenham Community Hospital – http://mdon.co.uk/1NXom7t
Hilperton Village Fete – http://mdon.co.uk/1mcxhqZ
Helping at Bradford on Avon Volunteers Day – http://mdon.co.uk/1QxCUNo
Gastard community lunch – http://mdon.co.uk/1OATuWA
Commemorating at Melksham’s RBL event – http://mdon.co.uk/1RWSBgm
Corsham TV interview – http://mdon.co.uk/1IYLhyV
Launching the Corsham Walking Festival – http://mdon.co.uk/1PdBUg1
Supporting Carer Support Wiltshire – http://mdon.co.uk/1YmjHmj
Meeting with Wiltshire College – http://mdon.co.uk/1ZfWI9o
Climate coalition rally with local residents – http://mdon.co.uk/1mrORHH
Friends of the Earth Bee event – http://mdon.co.uk/1NXpBDJ
Visiting Ferfoot Care Home for National Care Homes Open Day – http://mdon.co.uk/1PdCESk
Corsham Armed Forces and Street Fair – http://mdon.co.uk/1YmkuDK
Supporting Guide dogs – http://mdon.co.uk/1QRjrpu
Meeting with IDS to discuss job figures – http://mdon.co.uk/1mrPgtP
St Andrew’s church Melksham, Enterprise Cafe project – http://mdon.co.uk/1NtzpE2
Commemorating Chippenham’s War heroes – http://mdon.co.uk/1NBHXq0
Pledging my support in the fight against Ovarian Cancer – http://mdon.co.uk/1QxEKxC

Elected as Vice Chair of the British Curry Catering Industry APPG – http://mdon.co.uk/1hjLU9L
Supporting local parents to get their child in the school they want – http://mdon.co.uk/1HrgmUr
The Independent Living Centre in Semington Open Day – http://mdon.co.uk/1MNhObs
Visiting the Wilts & Berks Canal Trust project in Pewsham – http://mdon.co.uk/1MNhPMz
Raising the important issue of improving Corsham station – http://mdon.co.uk/1M5rE77
Discussing opportunities and issues at Neston Primary School – http://mdon.co.uk/1eTCbVC
Joining the celebrations of Haine & Smith Opticians in Chippenham – http://mdon.co.uk/1T471IX
Helping The Rotary Club of Chippenham – http://mdon.co.uk/1NaBnrm
Visiting Lypiatt Primary School and Early Years Centre – http://mdon.co.uk/1DqQk8P
Meeting to discuss the roll-out of broadband internet in our area – http://mdon.co.uk/1W26fQQ
Visiting our local CAB office HQ in Chippenham – http://mdon.co.uk/1MNj12C
The Chippenham Churches together event – http://mdon.co.uk/1INJ07x
Melksham Party in the Park – http://mdon.co.uk/1M5tB3m
The restoration of Broughton Gifford’s War Memorial – http://mdon.co.uk/1K4arq0
Visiting the Chippenham Food Festival – http://mdon.co.uk/1hjN7xM
Visiting an award winning business – http://mdon.co.uk/1gaoOBA
Speaking at the Inspire Business in Breakfast – http://mdon.co.uk/1Dpxu1T

Visiting local small businesses at Corsham Creative Market – http://mdon.co.uk/1IGMpjS
Honoured to present the medals at the Broughton Gifford Community Games – http://mdon.co.uk/1K3CqGx
My local curry catering conference – http://mdon.co.uk/1Pnxn8n
Promoting tourism in our area for more local jobs – http://mdon.co.uk/1hzVXYj
Announcing the winner of the Tiffin Cup – http://mdon.co.uk/1J6yVCH
Visiting People against Poverty – http://mdon.co.uk/1JgVFNi

Visiting the Melksham Food and River Festival – http://mdon.co.uk/1UV9ar9
Opening the Gastard village fete – http://mdon.co.uk/1OfhfIi
Marshalling at the Chippenham half-marathon – http://mdon.co.uk/1NDfrsH
Delighted to attend the Chippenham Town civic reception – http://mdon.co.uk/1MrEXAV
Discussing important issues with Atworth parish council – http://mdon.co.uk/1iP804O
Meeting with Aspire – a national disability charity – http://mdon.co.uk/1UWyDpA
Backing local business in Corsham – http://mdon.co.uk/1YcxRUq
Supporting Breast Cancer ‘Wear it Pink’ – http://mdon.co.uk/1JbT7i1
Discussing important issues with Holt parish council – http://mdon.co.uk/1KgR7Xq
Celebrating 50 years of a local business – Leafield Marine – http://mdon.co.uk/1JbTBEK
My speech on the Assisted Dying Bill – http://mdon.co.uk/1M5jryI
Taking part in ‘The Big Walk’ – http://mdon.co.uk/1F2J9of
Visiting Queens Crescent Primary School – http://mdon.co.uk/1PdIcfK
Opening the refurbished common room at Lackham College – http://mdon.co.uk/1OFVOPY
My response to the Consultation on the possible closure of the Chippenham Courthouse – http://mdon.co.uk/1QuPLA3
Visiting Abbeyfield House in Chippenham – http://mdon.co.uk/1TUo1m2
St Laurence School street party in Bradford on Avon – http://mdon.co.uk/1Od1NO0
Meeting with the TransWilts team – http://mdon.co.uk/1Pb9rFP
Corsham TV Interview – http://mdon.co.uk/1mcFQlz
Meeting with Corsham Town Council – http://mdon.co.uk/1PdIXoZ
Meeting with the Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police – http://mdon.co.uk/1lWUmOX
Honoured to meet with a brave WW2 veteran – http://mdon.co.uk/1NtCGDc

Visiting Corsham Computer Club – http://mdon.co.uk/1NZCrkI
Discussing Fair School Funding with the Prime Minister – http://mdon.co.uk/1T8A7Ib
Meeting with George Osborne to discuss plans to help Wiltshire – http://mdon.co.uk/1k8MLL7
Speaking with Heart Radio about the Conservative Party Conference – http://mdon.co.uk/1lZxP3X
Enjoying an evening with the Chippenham Young Farmers – http://mdon.co.uk/22gnK2V
Supporting Pubs in the local community – http://mdon.co.uk/1RvQz7H
My intervention in the recent Immigration Debate – http://mdon.co.uk/1NDzuml
My speech in the debate on Secondary Breast Cancer – http://mdon.co.uk/1UOjJO8
Writing to the Prime Minister about Fair School Funding – http://mdon.co.uk/1PgN6bM
My speech on English votes for English Laws – http://mdon.co.uk/1NviQaF
Meeting with Subway in Chippenham – http://mdon.co.uk/1OCH8gP
Volunteering at the Chippenham Sci-Fi Festival – http://mdon.co.uk/1QxmswI
Raising the plight of young people in the care system directly with the Prime Minister – http://mdon.co.uk/1J0GgWE
Raising Corsham station with the Secretary of State for Transport – http://mdon.co.uk/1Yo1cxI
Meeting local residents with two local councillors – http://mdon.co.uk/1mttANV

Discussing the importance of recognising our military veterans – http://mdon.co.uk/1TWeB9F
Meeting with Wiltshire Mind – http://mdon.co.uk/1J0GiOm
Discussing the need to invest in mental health on BBC Wiltshire – http://mdon.co.uk/1NDAKWD
The Raj in Chippenham voted as top 4 in England – http://mdon.co.uk/1NDAPK3
Asking the justice minister about Chippenham Courthouse – http://mdon.co.uk/1OeKshF
Industry and Parliament Trust Charity Static bike ride – http://mdon.co.uk/1YsqCF8
My visit to Corsham School – http://mdon.co.uk/1JjHc36
Remembrance in Bradford on Avon – http://mdon.co.uk/1OeLpXb
Beautiful Remembrance service in Melksham – http://mdon.co.uk/1RvTOvO
In Parliament raising the issue of Domestic Violence – http://mdon.co.uk/1OfkzUZ
Speaking in the debate about fairer funding for our schools – http://mdon.co.uk/1RZSbWE
Volunteering at Bradford on Avon Firework display – http://mdon.co.uk/1NZFzgE
Meeting with 10th Chippenham Air Scouts in Parliament – http://mdon.co.uk/1ZhJRni
Chippenham Children and Young Peoples Parliament – http://mdon.co.uk/1UOoMhO
Speaking with BBC Wiltshire about tragic case of Mr Timothy Evans – http://mdon.co.uk/1QxoFbu
Ensuring more young people leave education ready for work – http://mdon.co.uk/1JjIMSE
Discussing the so called ‘Tampon Tax’ – http://mdon.co.uk/1mdYDNe
Great to visit Good Energy in Chippenham – http://mdon.co.uk/1lZHdo1
Asking the Energy Minister about support for the green energy sector – http://mdon.co.uk/1QRJgWm
Taking part in the Compulsory Emergency First Aid Education Bill – http://mdon.co.uk/1mtvf6f
Helping to ensure that more young people leave education ready for work – http://mdon.co.uk/1JjIMSE
Raising issue of councils top slicing funding to nurseries – http://mdon.co.uk/1Ig1SOP
Debate on funding for the community and voluntary sector – http://mdon.co.uk/1OCNsoj
Success in the campaign for Fair School Funding – http://mdon.co.uk/1lZCsLr
Speaking with BBC Wiltshire about the success of my Fair Funding Campaign – http://mdon.co.uk/22grG3Q
Visiting Herman Miller’s new factory in Melksham – http://mdon.co.uk/1NZGDRq

Formally presenting the Fair School Funding petition – http://mdon.co.uk/1JjJjUy
The vote on Syria in Parliament – http://mdon.co.uk/1N5gxJ1
Melksham Town Christmas lights switch on – http://mdon.co.uk/1RvWj1o
Supporting Small Business Saturday – http://mdon.co.uk/1NZJv0T
Great visit to our local Royal Mail team – http://mdon.co.uk/1mdYQA5
Questioning the Employment Minister about long term unemployment – http://mdon.co.uk/1MnHkyx
Raising the complicated problem of traffic congestion in Bradford on Avon – http://mdon.co.uk/1SSaewd
Questioning DCLG about the Chippenham Housing Development Plan – http://mdon.co.uk/1UOsA2n
Presenting long service awards to Poppy Collection volunteers – http://mdon.co.uk/1OCKGj9

Defra is also supporting the Woodland Trust to offer 45,000 native British trees, free to 7000 state funded primary schools in England. The new scheme offers eligible schools extra help with planting to encourage them to make their school grounds and local communities greener.

As well as free tree packs, there’s help with finding somewhere else to plant if there isn’t room in school grounds; and there’s on-line curriculum linked resources to support teachers’ lesson plans. The closing date is January 8th 2016 and schools can apply via the Woodland Trust website. More details can be found here:-http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/plant-trees/in-your-community/apply-for-a-school-tree-pack/