MD youth services 3a

Youth services are changing in Wiltshire. I have launched a survey for young people to have their say on the youth service that they want.

As a local resident I am working with the community to ensure that young people get the best deal going forward. We need to ensure that the transition and replacement has young people at heart and also that they are heard.

A Youth Café in Bradford on Avon has been suggested. However, as this could be very expensive to run, a possible option would be to see if existing local cafés would open on a rota during the evenings. A positive effect could be with the youth helping on a work experience basis. This scheme could help promote the young people helping and also the cafés to the good of everyone.We might be able to save the youth service by working with local groups and I have offered my support to the working group trying to spearhead this.

I remember how important the local youth service was to me. I want to make sure that young people have a youth service that works for them. They deserve a voice and a say over the activities provided. As the Prospective Member of Parliament for Chippenham constituency I will do everything to ensure their voice is heard!

Please complete the survey by 1st September 2014 after which I will present my findings to the Council and ensure your thoughts and ideas are taken into consideration.