Working hard to tackle food waste in homes, schools and workplaces

Last month I attended the launch of new community group: Mums And Dads – MAD about food waste in Chippenham and surrounding villages.

They are working hard to tackle food waste in homes, schools and workplaces. Their tips help local people to save money and help cut down on food waste. According to forgives published earlier this year by the Waste and Recycling Advisory Board the UK is throwing away £13bn of food each year which means the average UK household wasted £470 worth of food! Recently supermarkets have been working hard to do their bit but greater awareness and help is needed for communities and families to help combat food waste which is why the new local group is so welcomed.

I learnt some interesting tips such as the fact you should cut the ends of your carrots and put them in the fridge to keep longer. Plus there is a bag you can buy to store bananas in which helps keep them ripe longer – handy when bananas are the most wasted food of all. The organisation has support from Sainsbury’s WastelessSaveMore campaign.

I also met the founder of the social media initiative OLIO – The Local Sharing Revolution. Olio is a good sharing app for local communities to share their excess food products and supermarkets also add products to the pot too.