Wiltshire’s Independent Living Centre a first class example of joined up working

Last week, I visited Wiltshire’s Independent Living Centre based in Semington, a charity who give free and impartial advice to elderly and disabled people, offering practical solutions for easier living. I took with me Mark Harper the Minister of State for disabled people, to highlight their work.

I know from personal family experience that it is hugely important and beneficial if older people can remain in their homes, rather than going into a care home or hospital. Living at home, surrounded by loved ones is where most elderly people I speak with want to be. It was where my Grandma was able to be – helped by the products and equipment that the ILC help with. The Independent Living Centre makes the challenges much easier for people and offers them the chance to be independent in ways they thought that they had lost.

They are a great charity who make people feel safer and secure in their homes and give the family the peace of mind that they are safe. If elected as your next MP I will work with the ILC to help them to ascertain more funding so that they can expand the number of Wiltshire residents they can help.

The Minister for Disabled People described the independent charity as a “first class example of a charity who support people in their homes, offers a bespoke service to their clients and save a huge amount of money, allowing people to remain in their homes rather than being in hospital unnecessarily.

The products on offer at the ILC include bathing aids, accessible baths and showers, kitchen equipment and small gadgets to help arthritic hands, wall cupboards and sinks which are fully adjustable to accommodate wheelchair users. Uniquely they offer a huge range of mobility aids and an outdoor track for which these can be tested.

The ILC offer impartial benefits advice which can free up an individual’s funding, allowing them to invest in equipment which will help them make their home more accessible.