No-Bars-1Wiltshire could be one of the most advanced in rural communities for connectivity and decent mobile phone coverage. The Wiltshire No Bars campaign’s aim is to highlight the plight of rural and local communities in getting a decent 3G and 4G signal.

I have launched a campaign to improve mobile coverage and end ‘partial not-spots’ – areas where there is coverage from one or more but not all of the four mobile networks – in the Chippenham constituency and Wiltshire.

I welcomed the Culture Secretary’s recent announcement to address the issue of weak/patchy mobile phone coverage. I am pushing to address the issue in Wiltshire first, where currently 18.3 per cent of the county suffers from these partial not-spots.

Poor mobile phone coverage not only makes it harder for people to communicate and businesses to operate, it also puts growth and jobs at risk. Most importantly there is a risk that, in an emergency, it is harder to contact the emergency services in ‘black spot’ areas.

The No Bars campaign aims to use the experience of thousands of mobile phone users throughout Wiltshire and the constituency to highlight and expose the parts of Wiltshire which have poor or none-existent coverage.

I will work with the information provided by local residents to highlight this issue to mobile phone operators, to prompt them to improve their coverage. If you know of areas in Wiltshire with little or no phone connectivity, please let me know in the below form:

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