Weekly column 03.05.18

I recently spoke in the debate and voted in favour of the Assault on Emergency Workers Bill which is passing through Parliament at the moment.

It is only right that we protect those who work so hard to protect us and ensure that crimes against them are not tolerated in any way.

I am delighted that the scope of the Bill was widened to cover NHS volunteers and patrol officers as one thing this Bill has demonstrated to me is that there are many unsung heroes and professions which can go under the radar when discussing emergency workers but who play a vital role in being there for people when they are in most need and deserve our protection.

We all hope never to need the assistance of emergency workers but know that they are busy working to keep us safe and should be able to do this without threat and fear of violence and abuse.

Throughout this Parliament I have supported and contributed to the formation of the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill, sitting on the Bill committee to scrutinise the legislation and speaking in favour of the changes at each Bill stage.

I am delighted that this Bill has the support it does as it is essential to break the cycle of debt and ensure that we create a country which is rich with opportunity and not road blocks. The Bill will create provision for a ban on cold or nuisance calls about pensions and protect those who have saved all their lives for a secure retirement from being the victim of scams and poor-quality unsolicited advice, something which I have been calling for since being elected.

Throughout March and April I conducted an increased number of ‘meet your MP’ events in supermarkets across the constituency, giving shoppers the chance to raise any issues or concerns they have with me. This is in addition to my weekly surgeries and constituent meetings.

I used the opportunity to speak to each shop about what they are doing to tackle the issue of plastic, something which has been on top of my agenda since being re-elected last year.

Businesses up and down the country are working hard to cut their impact on the environment and I am delighted that recently 42 multinational corporations have signed up to ensure all their packaging is 100 per cent; recyclable and renewably sourced, a huge step forward.

As MPs we have a duty to push for even more change to secure our beautiful environment for future generations to enjoy, something which I will continue to do throughout this Parliament.

Please do get in touch with me if I am able to support you with any issues you may be having or if you would like the dates for my forthcoming surgeries, either on 01249 704465 or michelle.donelan.mp@parliament.uk