19 July 16: Please see the latest letter HERE to the Department of Work and Pensions, which I have written on behalf of constituents who have been affected by the changes to the state pension age. I am working hard to push the government to give the WASPI women a better deal.

2016-06-29_WASPI_MPs29 June 16: Recently I was delighted to join constituents and women from across the country to campaign against the transitional changes to the state pension.

There was a fantastic turnout with women and MPs protesting against the lack of notice given for the loss of years of these women’s State pension.

The campaign group assembled an impressive Choir to sing their anthem with MPs following to show their support for these women.

This decade of women had their State Pension Age delayed – in some cases twice and by up to six years in total – without sufficient notice to plan for alternative income. In a Women’s State Pension Age Briefing in October 2011,
 Baroness Altmann, CBE, Pensions Minister was unaware that women hadn’t been individually notified.

These women mobilised, forming groups all over the UK, to pressure for more action on the issue and ensure their plight is heard, it was an honour to join them.2016-06-29_WASPI_crowds

16 May 2016: The DWP respond to my letter.

11 May 2016: At the WASPI APPG

11 March 16: Budget announcements that I have campaigned for

“I have also written to the Chancellor to ask for a concession to be made to those ‘WASPI’ women effected by the equalisation of the State Pension. I encourage all women born in the 1950s to get in touch with me if you are unsure of the impact on you”

18 April 16: The Department for Work and Pensions reply to my letter

08 March 16: My letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer

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22 January 16: My letter to Baroness Atlmann at the Department for Work and Pension