Voters in the Chippenham constituency face a choice in may, between the Conservatives long term economic plan or Labour chaos

I love our beautiful county and I care about our community. My plan includes supporting hardworking families and bringing more local jobs to our area. The Conservative Party’s long term economic plan is working in the Chippenham constituency but there is so much more left to be done and this will only be achieved by a stable and accountable Conservative majority government. Voting for any other party here will give Ed Miliband the keys to Number 10, in fact there has never been a Conservative majority government without a Conservative MP in the Chippenham constituency.

Voters in the Chippenham constituency will face a choice in May – a long-term economic plan delivered by the Conservatives, which is delivering a more secure future for families in Bradford on Avon, Chippenham, Melksham, Corsham and surrounding villages, or the economic turmoil that voting for one of the other parties would bring.

Locally 632 fewer people in the Chippenham constituency are now claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance since 2010 – a 48% drop. There are more people waking up each day with the security of a job and the means to provide for their family. We have been bold and challenged the culture that was bred under Labour that work is a choice and we have made sure that it now ‘pays to work’.

Under Labour the recession cost 750,000 people their jobs, there are now – under a Conservative led government – a record number of people in work. The number of workless households is at a historical low and welfare spending has seen its first real term fall in 16 years.

A further point in my plan is ‘giving you security in retirement’. In government, the Conservative party introduced a triple lock guarantee so that the Basic State Pension always increases in line with the largest of earnings, prices, or 2.5 %. Since 2010 the annual basic state pension has risen by £800. I strongly support the Conservative Party’s commitment to protecting universal pensioner benefits like the Winter Fuel Allowance. Other protected benefits include free TV licences, bus travel and prescriptions which help thousands of pensioners every year in the Chippenham constituency.

I am from three generations of family who have worked hard and created jobs by setting up small businesses. Backing hardworking families, local businesses (our job creators), reviving our town centres and protecting our village interests are central to my long-term plan for the Chippenham constituency. I would be a strong local champion and voice for our area. On a national level we have come a long way but we need to continue to carry out the long-term economic plan – this country needs stability and security. Our record to date is below – imagine what is possible with another five years then imagine what you might get with Ed Miliband. The choice is clear and a vote for anyone other than the Conservative Party is a vote for Miliband.

The Conservative Party’s record is clear:

• 1.85 million more people are in work that at the General Election.
More women in work than ever before.
Income tax cut for 26 million people.
• A record number of lone parents in work.
More older people in work since records began.
• Nearly 700,000 fewer workless households than 2010.
• 270,000 fewer families living in social housing without work.