Visiting the Brunel Shed in Corsham

It was a pleasure to visit the Brunel Shed in Corsham to meet with some of the club members and talk to them about their new and exciting project to renovate two 200-year-old mine trollies. The first trolley to be refurbished will be installed outside the Corsham campus later this year.

The Brunel Shed is open to both men and women and is a larger (and better equipped) version of the typical garden shed. It is an opportunity to socialise over tea or coffee, work on projects, share expertise, tools and resources. The members have a great time and are making some amazing things.

It is a fantastic project for helping tackle loneliness and social exclusion and the club are looking to open for longer hours, expand their premises and acquire more tools and equipment.

The club uses the Potley Community Centre and came about thanks to the hard work and dedication of the committee, not least Corsham Councillor Phil Whalley. More information can be found at www.menssheds.org.uk or contact Barry Reed on 01249 701321