Visiting Emmaus School in Staverton

Last week I visited Emmaus School in Staverton to meet with pupils to talk about democracy and my role in Parliament. I also had the pleasure of presenting some certificates to pupils – for character awards nominated by their peers. At the end one of the teachers told me how inspired one of the pupils had told her she was by my visit.

I entered politics to improve life chances and each time I visit a school I aim to not only encourage an interest in democracy and politics but also inspire our young to believe they can follow and achieve their dreams if they work hard and are determined. I love my job and it is a dream come true – yes it is challenging and there are extremely tough days but each one is a huge privilege and offers me the opportunity to help others.

Erasmus school is an independent Christian school from 5 to 16 and offers a different approach to education visit to read more http://emmaus-school.org.uk/

Emmaus School