Visiting Chippenham Ambulance Station

Ambulance StationI visited Chippenham Ambulance Station to better understand the excellent work our team here in Wiltshire does and meet with the paramedics and operational teams who make it happen.

999 Calls to South Western Ambulance Service Trust have been up almost 3% on the previous year and I was interested to learn that they also have the highest number of people staying at home following a 999 call, due to our highly skilled serving Paramedics. Additionally, based on Red1 Call response times, 73.72% of their calls are responded to in 8 minutes; placing our Trust in the national top 3.

The rural nature of our county in particular means that co-responders and defibrillators are an increasingly vital resource. It is imperative that our communities have emergency assistance as quickly as possible. Whilst our Emergency Services, without doubt, performance fantastically, I will continue my commitment to try and get a defibrillator in every school and push to extend this commitment into work places and more communities.