Visiting Abbeyfield School and commemorating Chippenham’s War heroes

Michelle Donelan London road cemetaryIt was wonderful to visit Abbeyfield school, Chippenham on Friday. They have run a fantastic project with a school from Hildesheim, Germany involving an exchange visit and learning about the Great War.

Organised by the British Council and UK-German Connections (funded by the German embassy in London out of money set aside for building relations after WW2) focusing on WW1 and the shared history of commemorating 100 years.

With local and German students we visited the cemetery and exchanged customary commemoration offerings – leaving them by the graves of those who died due to the First World War. It was a moving morning but highlighted the value of the next generation remembering together from both nations. It also reminded us all of just how many local people have their lives for our freedom.

On Armed Forces Day lets spend time thinking of the countless local heroes who sacrificed everything for us.

Poppies Chippenham