Village games teach children that exercise comes in many forms

As the summer sun beams down on Wiltshire, local residents have been enjoying being active in our parks, countryside and sports centres. Keeping fit and healthy is always topical given the national obesity levels, especially amongst the younger generation. Sadly it is only too easy to grab the iPad or reach the latest gadget rather than go for a game of football or the like. I have done many articles on this because sport and especially community sports are invaluable. They help with community cohesion, health and relieve costs on the NHS in the long run, enable agility in older age, plus we must not forget exercise releases serotonin, helping mental health.

Last weekend, I was delighted to give out the medals again at the Broughton Gifford Village Games. This is the fourth games that I have attended and it never disappoints. I am always so taken aback by the number of people of all ages who participate. It really is a great example of a community coming together. From welly wanging to paper discus, it has something for everyone. Well done to everyone who helped organise the day, which brought the village together and does help teach children that sport and exercise comes in many forms and is for all ages.

At last week’s surgery one of my appointments was in relation to Chippenham Football Club. They are fundraising to build on their amazing season by expanding their facilities and also looking for a club sponsor. Can you or your business help our local team?

I have bought a tile (£10) and brick (£50) for their new building – if you would like to do the same or learn how else you can support the club email michelle.donelan.mp@parliament.uk

Last week, as well as other business meetings and community visits, I went to the official launch of the Carer Volunteer Service at Chippenham Community Hospital. This is a joint venture with Carer Support Wiltshire and the volunteer manager at the county’s three community hospitals with wards. I have been an active supporter of Carer Support Wiltshire for years as they play such a fantastic role in our community.

The idea of the scheme is to enable carer volunteers to visit wards where they will identify hidden carers and provide them with appropriate information and signposting. In Bath the service has already helped to improve patient discharge and prevent future re-admission. I met some of the volunteers – true unsung heroes doing a role that will prove invaluable. We discussed the key challenge that most people do not recognise themselves as a carer and therefore don’t necessarily know about or get the local help and support available. For more information call 0800 181 4118.

If you would like a surgery appointment to discuss an issue or concern please do email michelle.donelan.mp@parliament.uk or call 01249 704465.

Image via House of Commons