The UK’s Cancer Strategy

Today I spoke on a debate on the cancer strategy. Cancer survival rates are at a record high with around 7,000 people alive today who would not have been, had mortality rates stayed the same as in 2010. However by 2020 47% of people will get cancer at some point in their life – that’s almost one in two. So whilst we have come so far since 2010 in terms of diognosis and treatment there is still so far to go.

I focused on Bowel Cancer and highlighted the inspiring work of one constituent is using her diagnosis to work for earlier diagnosis.

I also spoke about Cervical Cancer and the 20 year low in the number women going for smear tests. I shared my own story and urged all women over 25 to be screened and that we need to remove the stigma around smear tests – promote them and talk about how important they are. Watch my speech in full: