Tolerance one of the most important of our values

The world is an increasingly uncertain and dangerous place. On Palm Sunday at the start of the Holy Week, two churches in Egypt were attacked by terrorist bombs. Daesh subsequently claimed responsibility for the attacks which killed 34 people and injured many more.

Gazette and Herald column [13 April 2017]

Less than 48 hours before the attacks in Egypt a hijacked truck was deliberately driven into crowds, along a busy street in central Stockholm and a German football team bus in Dortmund was targeted with bombs on Tuesday night.

I believe that in these turbulent times it is more important than ever to keep British traditions alive and those of us with religious beliefs should be free to practice their faiths without fear or risk of persecution.

I therefore share the anger that some people have expressed at the National Trust and Cadbury’s for dropping the word ‘Easter’ from the annual national egg hunt. The church of England and Theresa May have condemned the move, the Prime Minister labelled it as ‘utterly ridiculous’. Some might argue that this is a trivial matter and rather pedantic but it is quite the opposite. Protecting our religious freedoms, cultures and customs is of the utter most importance – no matter what your religion or beliefs.

Commercialisation is one thing but quite frankly it is outrageous that in a country which is officially a Christian one, some organisations feel the need to take political correctness to the extreme. I am a big campaigner and believer in religious freedom – no matter your beliefs or religion. Our schools now promote the British values of tolerance and respect but maybe it is time that some of our British institutions and organisations received a lesson in them.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Easter and I hope that you get some time to spend with your family and loved ones.

I have been as busy as ever out and about around our area including visiting businesses, charities, continuing my school visits, knocking on doors and meeting residents, advice surgeries, corresponding with constituents and much more.

If you have an upcoming event or are part of an organisation and would like me to visit then please do get in touch. I hold weekly surgeries so please call 01249 704465 or email michelle.donelan.mp@parliament.uk to book an appointment or contact me with any issues, questions or concerns that you have.