The restoration of Broughton Gifford’s War Memorial

Broughton Gifford War Memorial
Lovely to attend the special service and rededication ceremony today in Broughton Gifford. The War Memorial has been renovated to a beautiful condition. To mark the bravery in the Great War of 150 village young men, that’s about one from every household, and twenty three of these brave soldiers never returned.

After the War the villagers raised the needed £300 for the memorial which was unveiled in May 1920. The Broughton Gifford Parish Council have renovated it with the help of additional grants from the War Memorial Trust, the World War 1 Trust, and the Melksham Area Board.

The service involved the village school and scouts, as well as local villagers and relatives. One family even came over from South Africa to be there.

The senior class of St Mary’s School Broughton Gifford and the Broughton Scout Group have also been working on a special commemorative project. It was interesting to see their wonderful collection of excellent art work with research notes on the 23 men who died in the War.
Broughton Gifford War Memorial