The importance of helping those in need – an inspiring visit to The Amber Foundation

Inspiring visit today to The Amber Foundation based in Trowbridge. They home young people aged 17 -30 years old mainly from around Wiltshire to give them a second chance and a fresh start in life.

The foundation helps young people who are homeless, misused drugs or alcohol, lack self-esteem, have no qualifications and low basic skills, been involved in crime or are ex-offenders. With a success rate of 83% they play a vital role in our community.

For every £1 invested in Amber they save us tax payers £7 from the reduction in drug use, alcohol abuse, unemployment and homelessness.

Wiltshire may be a prosperous county but we must not neglect or forget those in need. If elected as our next Member of Parliament I will champion the interests of all our community and not just those who have taken the right path.

The Amber Foundation has recently purchased additional land in Trowbridge and started developing more facilities for those in need. I strongly believe that the government should be there as a safety net for those who need it and work with organisations like The Amber Foundation. With an ageing population and a large deficit to deal with we must support, encourage and assist voluntary organisations to grow and flourish. In addition we should take learnings from them, listen to their needs and work hand in hand with them.

For more information visit: amberweb.org