The Chequers agreement

This week the Prime Minister gave a statement on the deal agreed by the Cabinet at Chequers. We need a plan that works for all, is deliverable and will protect jobs and also to take back control. No deal will ever please everyone and the EU still need to agree. This is why our focus on preparing for a ‘no deal’ is so important and I welcome that the government have now prioritised this.

When the White Paper is published we will see all the details and you can email your thoughts and get more information Michelle.donelan.mp@parliament.uk

I have always opposed the ‘free movement of labour’ even as a remainer and it was a key reason why people voted leave. This week I asked the Prime Minister to confirm that the Chequers plan’s ‘mobility framework’ will be part of an immigration system that we control and will deliver for the needs of our economy while crucially ending free movement. I am reassured that the Prime Minister made it clear that free movement will end. The new system would mean there are no immigration advantages to EU countries over other trading partners like Australia for example. In addition the Home Secretary Sajid Javid MP said in relation to free movement that “there will be no version of it, no derivative of it and no backdoor version of it.”