Supporting Guide dogs

Michelle Donelan Meeting with guide dogs in Corsham
Today I met with local representatives of Guide Dogs whilst they were fundraising at Corsham Street Fair. Did you know that there are local people who are waiting and need dogs? You can help by nominating them as the official Sainsbury’s charity of the year at Chippenham Sainsbury’s. Hurry the deadline is the 28th June. https://www.sainsburyslocalcharity.co.uk/

Michelle Donelan Meeting with guide dogs in Parliament

I also attended the Guide Dogs event in Parliament the other week. I am supporting Guide Dogs campaign ‘Streets Ahead’ to raise awareness of the need to stop parking on pavements.

James White, Campaigns Manager for Guide Dogs sums up the problem well “Imagine how frightening it must be to step out into a busy road when you can’t see on-coming traffic, or you have your young child with you. We want to stop people from being forced into the road and we call on all parties to support a new law on pavement parking.”

Trainee guide dogs in Corsham