Supporting the Cancer52 charity

I had the pleasure of attending a parliamentary reception organised by charity Cancer52, an alliance of nearly 100 charities united by their vision of a better future for everyone affected by rare and less common cancers.

The reception’s key objective was to raise awareness of rare and less common cancers amongst MPs, fights which can so tragically become lost as the battle focuses on the biggest types of cancers. Rare cancers together account for more than half of all UK cancer deaths – more than the ‘big four’ (breast, prostate, lung and bowel cancers) and we must ensure we fight for every life impacted by this tragic disease.

I was inspired to see so many organisations coming together to fight the same cause and give so many families hope that together we can combat cancer. I was invited by Sarah-Jayne’s Café here in Chippenham a fantastic local business who donate a portion of their profits to the charity and it was a pleasure to represent them.