Supermarket advice surgeries

I have been doing lots of supermarket surgeries recently so shoppers can raise their issues. I have also used the chance to speak to each individual supermarket about what they are doing to tackle the issue of plastic waste and increasing recycling rates.

Iceland were the first supermarket brand to commit to eliminate all own brand plastic packaging, which they will do within the next 5 years.

Waitrose were the first supermarket to remove disposable coffee cups and announced the removal of plastic drinking straws from sale. I discussed this at the Melksham branch and had a tour of their fantastic community eco garden. I have been a passionate advocate for cutting our reliance on plastic and am delighted that yesterday 42 major brands announced they had signed up to producing 100% recyclable product packaging.

I believe all MPs and the government should continue to press business to reduce plastic from tea bags and sanitary towels. We need change.