Speaking in Parliament about the EBacc

I recently spoke in Parliament on an EBacc debate. I have been campaigning for months to get Design and Technology to be added to the EBacc. To address the massive skills gaps we have in engineering and help address our national productivity lag.

The EBacc subjects are the core subjects that students now have to take at GCSE level. They have been identified as the essential qualifications needed to get on in any area. Students chose 5 EBacc subjects from the following subject groups: English, mathematics, history or geography, the sciences and a language. Currently Computer Science can be taken as a a science subject but the skills gaps in engineering are much higher. My proposal is for D&T to be an option between Computer Science or D&T so it does not undermine the EBacc at all.

There are so many misconceptions and stereotyping around engineering based careers especially amongst young girls. It is essential that we allow children to have the option of ‘tasting’ these areas.

This week I will send a letter to our new Prime Minister showing the support of over 80 MPs.