Speaking on the Government’s Tobacco Control Plan

Yesterday I spoke on the Government’s Tobacco Control Plan which seeks to create a smoke free generation. I spoke of my learning from my mother’s personal battle with smoking addiction.

I pushed for further research into e- cigarettes which come with risks but for many offer a way to quit smoking and Public Health England backs my call to remove e-cigarettes from smoking legislation. In fact Dr Andy McEwen, executive director of the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training, stated that switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes substantially reduces a major health risk.

To tackle smoking effecting we must seek to prevent smoking but also assist those who are trying to quit and the Government’s Tobacco Control Plan plan does this. Yes there is more to do but I am proud that this government is prioritising this area. There are 79,000 preventable deaths a year in the UK and it costs the NHS millions that could be utilised elsewhere in the health service. This human cost is too much and we must all work together to enable people to have the information, education and support to stop smoking.