Siemens Rail Automation

It was fantastic to be invited to visit Siemens Rail Automation to learn more about how the Chippenham based company has come to be of national and international importance for the rail industry, employing over 700 people at their Chippenham HQ.

I aim to meet at least two local businesses each week to discuss their challenges and opportunities for growth.

I spoke to the team about the opportunities they offer to young people seeking employment and how they are helping promote engineering as a sector. Siemens provides 30 apprentices recruited every year from within Wiltshire as well as a graduate program.

I had the opportunity to meet with graduates at the company. This is particularly important because these graduates are working with schools and colleges to encourage the younger generation to take up engineering.

I want to work with local businesses to support them and assist growth as well as ensuring we work together to create the skilled labour market that they need to succeed and stay in Wiltshire.