Secretary of State quizzed by pupils


Today students at Sheldon School in Chippenham, met with Secretary of State for International Development, The Rt Hon Justine Greening MP.

I invited the Secretary of State to Chippenham, both Justine and I are state educated and from non-political families. We spoke to the students about their reasons for entering politics and its appeal.

We both addressed a group of 6th form students, in the school library, who had the opportunity to ask questions about life as an MP, International Development, UK/global politics and life as a Prospective Member of Parliament.

It was lovely for us to have the opportunity to spend time talking with local pupils and challenge their perceptions of politicians and politics. I hope the visit helps inspire them to follow their own dreams and also engage in the political process.

I was eager to take Justine to a local school because I do believe that the ‘youth voice’ is too often ignored and undervalued despite the fact that they are the next generation. One of the reasons why I am standing to get into politics is to give all groups of people more of a say over their own lives, chances and choices.

Justine Greening stated “It was a great discussion with pupils at Sheldon school today – I think it’s important that young people understand that politics is about them and their lives, and what they want to achieve. Both Michelle and I came from very non-political and ordinary backgrounds, so hopefully we can help show them that everyone can get involved with politics and maybe inspire them to give it a go.”