Concerns have been raised that the newly-expanded TransWilts train service could be reduced.

I am determined that that doesn’t happen. 

The proposed reduction would take place as trains are allocated elsewhere following the electrification of the Great Western main line from London to Cardiff. In the new franchise document for the TransWilts line I want to see it clearly set out that at least 16 stopping trains per day.

Melksham StationThere is the demand and as our community have been using the service. We have seen a six times increase in passenger numbers.

The service is helping support local businesses and attract new into our town. It also gives locals the option of public transport which should start to help reduce congestion. We must not go backwards but forwards!

Graham Ellis, President, Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry said: “The new trains that started last December are cleverly meshed with the limited previous ones to provide a really useful total service. Most daily commuters using a new service at one end of the day, and an old service at the other end. Removal of the trains that ran until last December, and leaving just the new ones, would cut the heart out of the service so the current level should be a minimum for the new base franchise. Efficiency improvements are possible when the line through Chippenham is electrified, to result in further improvements from Swindon all the way to Salisbury with one local train less in the area.”

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