Make sure you are registered to vote

We are approaching the most important General Election in a generation, every vote will matter. The decision will be between David Cameron and Ed Milliband as Prime Minister.

Do not miss your chance to have a say. I understand that you might be disillusioned with some politicians, in fact that is one of the very reasons why I am standing to be our next Member of Parliament. I believe we need more MPs that have done a real job, understand how to manage a household budget and who you can identify with and relate to. You can easily register online using the Government’s portal HERE.

I think we deserve so much more here in the Chippenham constituency – why should we simply settle for what we have and not encourage more businesses and jobs into the area, develop our town centres, protect our village services and improve our local health care, schools and transport links.

In the past, one person in each household was held responsible for registering everyone who lived at that address. Now everyone is required to register individually under the new individual electoral registration system. Make sure that you have a say – the Chippenham constituency is a deciding seat – it will be close and any vote for a party here other than the Conservatives is a vote for Labour. I for one do not want to wake up on May 8th with Ed Miliband as Prime Minister by default.

If elected you can judge me on my record. I have a plan which I will carry out – for more information visit michelledonelan.co.uk/plan/