Pushed the case of value for money for university students

Once again I have pushed the case of value for money for University students. This week I questioned to the Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation.
I called for greater transparency so that students can see where their money is going. Plus I asked the Minster if he agreed that the new Office For Students will promote value for money and transparency.

The Office For Students will launch January 1st 2018 to promote the interests of students.

It is vital that our students are getting value for money from their tuition fees which currently I do not think they are. Interest rates are too high but so are the fees for some institutions. There is very little differentiation in fees for top UK universities compared with ones much further down in all the league tables who often lack the same level of resources and teaching expertise etc. It is also important that the ratio of money spent on teaching and research should be made readily available to all who are deciding where to study. Plus Universities are funding outrageous wages for Vice Chancellors well above that of the Prime Minister. As a member of the Education Select Committee I am delighted that we are doing an enquiry into this area.