Progess in the Corsham Station campaign

20141106-Gazette_Herald-Michelle-DonelanText in paper:

Last week the campaign to re-open Corsham Station took a big step forward as local campaigners, led by Michelle Donelan, Conservative Prospective Member of Parliament for the Chippenham constituency, travelled to London to meet with officials at the Department for Transport (DfT).

The campaign to re-open Corsham station dates back decades with some residents remaining sceptical as to whether it is achievable. Michelle said: “Significantly, there are some key factors which now all come in to play. Finally there now is a real opportunity to see the station re-opened. Regrettably there has been no tangible progress in the past four years but I am hopeful now of real progress”

“I was pleased that the DfT confirmed that the approach I am now taking is the best and only way to progress the campaign from just rhetoric and words to action,” she continued.

The Conservatives in government have invested more in our railways than any government since Victorian times. Michelle is working hard to ensure that Wiltshire benefits from that investment.

The demand for a station in Corsham has never been higher. The town’s population has grown significantly and Bath Spa University has plans to open a campus if the station re-opens. There is backing from Wiltshire council and the local Enterprise Partnership, the track is still in use and there is available space for a car park and access. There are existing plans for the Metro West link which together can deliver Corsham a station.

“I previously invited two Transport Ministers to Corsham to meet with local campaigners and businesses who set out a compelling case. I carried out two wide ranging surveys and found that 92% of residents want to see the station re-opened.”

At last week’s meeting it was agreed to invest in a feasibility study to independently prove the case for reopening the station and the financial, economic and social benefits it will bring. Michelle said: “It’s important that all the stakeholders help develop a long-term plan and I am going to work to make that happen”