I am not from a political background. I firmly believe that if someone wants to represent their local community they should be upfront about what their plan is for the local area.

Below, I set out what I aim to achieve in my community work and what I promise to campaign for locally as our MP. 

✓  More Local Jobs
•  Back local businesses
•  Cut red tape for businesses, allowing them more time to focus on growth
•  Expand ‘Best Shop’ campaign to help promote local shops
•  Hold regular ‘Jobs Fairs’ to promote local jobs to local residents
•  Encourage more employers to offer and expand apprenticeships, giving young people the skills they need to
get on in life and the opportunity to learn and earn

✓  Giving you security in retirement
•  Protect pensions for all
•  Ensure adequate support and regulation of our care homes to keep our elderly safe and well cared for
•  Support the reduction of inheritance tax, allowing us to pass on our savings to our children
•  Campaign to maintain a freeze in Council Tax
•  Campaign for greater investment on dementia research

✓  Support hardworking families
•  Tax cuts for working people to keep more money in our local communities
•  First £12,500 of income should be tax-free to help the lowest paid in our society
•  No new taxes on family homes – we are already taxed enough
•  Promote the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme making young people aware of how the scheme works to enable them to get onto the property ladder
•  Help shape local youth services to ensure it works for young people and that they have the local activities that they want
•  Support our local schools and ensure that their funding is not cut in any way to maintain our high local standards
•  Reduce the paper work that is expected of teachers and let them get on with educating
•  Campaign to reduce the speed limit around schools at opening and closing times
•  Improve internet security to keep our children safe from on-line predators

  Develop a long term plan to rejuvenate our towns
•  Continue to spearhead the campaign to reduce parking charges, encouraging residents to shop locally
•  Re-open Corsham Station
•  Encourage and support local shops on our high streets. Our towns should be thriving and bustling hubs once again
•  Protect our market town identity by working with market traders to address the changes that would benefit them.
•  Promote more homes in town centres and redevelop brownfield sites to create affordable housing
•  Remove fixed-odds betting terminals from bookies on our high-streets which bleed people of their money
•  Protect the TransWilts Rail Service

✓  Protect our countryside
•  Stand up against excessive development in rural areas
•  Give local people the final say on controversial planning and development matters. Residents should have a stronger voice over-solar and wind developments in their area
•  Improve broadband speeds and mobile network coverage
•  Protect local village services and make sure our rural communities get a fair share. Including investment for local amenities such as village halls
•  Improve mobile phone network coverage throughout our county

 ✓  Target anti-social behaviour
•  Help introduce more neighbourhood watch groups
•  Introduce a wider ‘Pub Watch’ scheme in our towns
•  Help ensure families are safer and more secure – and communities can enjoy a better, brighter future.

✓  Champion our local community
•  Encourage more volunteering to help our local charities, causes and events
•  Continue to spend at least two days a month volunteering with a local charity or organisation
•  Continue visiting at least two local businesses each week to learn more about what would help them grow and succeed
•  Campaign for more cycle paths – making cycling safer
•  Address local flooding issues