Michelle Donelan’s Plan

Michelle’s plan for our community

More local jobs, especially for the young. Michelle has been a true champion of Wiltshire businesses who have created thousands of local jobs and opportunities.

Develop a long-term plan for our town centres. Each of the four towns in the Chippenham constituency are unique. Michelle will work with local councils to develop plans for each individually. In just two years we have seen significant improvements locally.

Protection of our countryside. As pressure for new housing mounts, Michelle has a record of standing up for communities against developments that are in the wrong place.

Targeting Anti-social behaviour. Michelle is a trustee of local charities and is working as part of a taskforce to combat domestic violence.

Champion of our community. People across the political spectrum agree that Michelle has been hardworking, approachable and a true champion of the area during her time as a Member of Parliament from 2015-2017.

Support for hardworking families across Wiltshire. From campaigning for fairer funding in our schools, tackling homelessness, standing up for the self-employed, and young families, Michelle is delivering results and will continue to do so.

A plan for Wiltshire and for our country

Working with Theresa May Michelle Donelan will work hard to help establish Britain as the strongest country in Europe, in economic growth and national security.

Build a stronger economy that rewards people who work hard and creates secure and well-paid jobs. Michelle and the Prime Minister will make sure there is growth and prosperity around the whole country.

Provide real opportunity for all. We will give everyone a chance to get on in life, by building enough affordable housing and making sure there is a good school place for every child.

Build a more secure and united nation by taking action against the extremists who try to divide our society and standing up to the separatists who want to break up our country.

The Chippenham constituency is one of only a handful of seats which determine the next Prime Minister.

The government has a small majority, and despite the opinion polls the result of the General Election is by no means guaranteed.

If Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party, and their coalition of chaos with the Liberal Democrats, Greens, and Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish nationalists, gain just a small number of seats, Jeremy Corby will be in Downing Street.

As we have seen in the EU referendum, the US Presidential Election and the 2015 General Election, polls are often wrong.

A vote for anyone other than Michelle Donelan is more likely to lead to Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.

Michelle Donelan with Prime Minister Theresa May