Parking charges

I have campaigned for a reduction of parking charges for years – as a means to rejuvenate our high streets and support local business. However parking charges are controlled by the Council and I have found their position very frustrating especially regarding Chippenham – who pay the highest of all the towns that I represent. In fact Wiltshire Council increased them in Chippenham earlier this year and are seeking to increase charges further. I appreciate that these subsidise rural bus services but killing off our towns is shortsighted.

The original consultation is obviously complete but I have requested the findings as I refuse to believe that the majority consulted supported a further hike.

We need more parking spaces but we also need more affordable parking instead people are parking in private roads all over the town about which I receive emails each week. I will keep you updated and keep pushing the cause for fair parking prices in our towns!

Today, I asked the Leader of the House of Commons if she would support a debate on the impact lower parking charges can have on the high street so that Wiltshire council and others can recognise the merits of it.