Our NHS is vital

Our NHS is vital, it should be valued, protected and improved nationally and locally. With the large house building programme in Wiltshire this is relevant now more than ever. We need a strong economy to do this and a strong local champion. Only the Conservative party can ensure this financial stability and economic strength and I would work hard as your local champion to safeguard and promote the interests of our local health services and your health needs.

20141105-BoA-Leg-Club-Michelle-Donelan2Last year I invited the Health Secretary, the Rt. Hon. Jeremey Hunt MP, to my GP’s surgery in Chippenham to hear their needs. I am committed to assisting our local services and have volunteered for Bradford on Avon Leg Club and helped raise money for Chippenham Community Hospital as a member of the League of Friends of Chippenham Hospital.

The Conservatives have increased spending on the NHS by £12.7 billion in this Parliament. This helps pay for thousands more doctors, nurses, GPs and midwives who are treating patients in cleaner, safer hospitals – with the dignity they deserve. We are able to increase the NHS budget in the next Parliament to help fund Simon Stevens’ Five Year Forward View. This plan will help meet demand, give the public better access to GPs and is widely supported in the NHS.

However, you can only have a properly funded NHS if you have a strong economy, otherwise it is unaffordable. The investment so far has been possible because the long-term economic plan is working. We cannot afford to go backwards. Countries that haven’t tackled their deficit have had to cut health spending. Greece has seen health spending cut by 14%, and Portugal by 17%.

The Conservative party and myself are 100% committed to valuing, protecting and improving the NHS. NHS privatisation has only increased 1% in this government, a far slower rate than under Labour. There is no doubt about it, the party that will be able to protect and afford the NHS with a strong economy is the Conservative Party.

We are reducing the number of managers – so money goes to the front-line where it is needed. There are now 6,000 fewer managers in the NHS than under Labour. We are also reducing unnecessary GP targets. We have cut a 1/3 of GPs’ targets from the Quality Outcomes Framework trusting them to use their professional judgement to do what is best for their patients.

My Grandfather died from a hospital infection and I am proud that the Conservatives have ensured that hospital infections have been virtually halved since 2010 – so people know they are going to cleaner hospitals where they are less likely to get more ill. The level of MRSA has virtually halved. If elected we will continue to address this and reduce the figures.

If you elect a Conservative Government – we will:

• Increase spending on the NHS each year of the next Parliament. In the 2014 Autumn Statement, the Chancellor announced £2 billion of additional funding for front-line NHS services every year in England from 2015/16.

• Hire thousands more clinical staff to ensure better patient care. Already since 2010, there are over 9,000 more doctors in the NHS, over 7,000 more nurses and 2,000 more midwives.

• Improve GP access so everyone will be able to see a GP seven days a week by 2020. We are already helping more than 1,000 GP practices see patients at a time convenient to them and the next Conservative Government will ensure that everyone will have access to a GP seven days a week by 2020.