NHS Funding

I have been pushing hard for more funding for our NHS so I’m delighted with the announcement this week of an extra £20 Billion in real terms for our NHS by 2023/24.

This is £394 million a week higher in real terms – which is higher than the Leave Campaign promised.

It is important however, that our NHS is efficient with every penny well spent and bureaucracy reduced. So I am delighted that this will be a priority and we will be agreeing a ten-year plan for the NHS.

Some of the extra funding will come from using the money we will no longer spend on our annual membership subscription to the European Union. The reality though, is that this will not be enough to ensure our NHS can cope with the ageing population, advances in modern technology and provide the service we all want and need. So taxpayers will have to contribute a bit more.

Yesterday I asked the Jeremy Hunt MP if he would consider a hypothecated tax i.e. this is where the revenue is ring-fenced for a specific purpose – making it very transparent. This would ensure that the additional taxation is only spent on the NHS. I do think this needs to be part of the plan and is not the only answer and will be blogging about this soon. Please do email me with your opinions michelle.donelan.mp@parliament.uk