Weekly column 19.04.18

In the last few days I have received correspondence from constituents regarding the recent actions taken in Syria. I want to make it clear that I fully support the Prime Minister’s decision to join French and American forces to take action to degrade the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons and deter their use. I think it…

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Unconditional offers at University

Some Universities are exploring unconditional offers to hook in students for their fees. In fact 50,000 unconditional offers were made compared to just over 3,000 in 2013. These are usually given with the condition that the University must be placed as the student’s first choice which can result in them underestimating themselves and picking a…

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Pupil premium auto-enrolment

Pupil Premium is such an important area of education funding but currently a number of children don’t receive it even though they should. I believe it should be done on an auto enrolment scheme rather than parental applications (it is currently tied to free school meals). In addition it doesn’t help any children affected by…

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PMQs: Asking if the Prime Minister will commission national enquiry

Today I asked the Prime Minister Theresa May a Question. Adverse childhood experiences include sexual abuse, domestic violence, parental separation and living with an alcoholic to name but a few. According to Public Health England an adult who experienced four or more of these during childhood is severely at risk of mental and physical health…

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Lobby Day

Last week I was interviewed by BBC Wiltshire radio about Lobby Day. This is annual day when MPs meet with the National Association of Councils and some of their councillors. Chippenham Town Council came to meet with me in Parliament and we discussed localism and devolution. Listen here.

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Fixing potholes

Great news for Wiltshire: Local roads affected by recent winter weather will benefit from extra money to help repair potholes and other storm damage. Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announced today (26 March 2018) that Wiltshire is due to get £1,811,343. This is on top of the £75 million in government funding already given to councils…

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Women in work

Last week I spoke in Parliament on women in work. I don’t agree with demeaning quotas or positive discrimination and I’m not a fan of singling out particular groups, as I do believe that further segregation can indeed cause discrimination. Instead I believe in empowering and encouraging women and all minorities to succeed and fulfil…

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Advice Surgery

I held a busy surgery in Chippenham at the weekend, it was great to meet everyone and discuss some crucial issues and concerns. I have always tried to be as accessible as possible and holding weekend surgeries is just one way of getting to meet those who work or have other commitments during the week….

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Northern Ireland

Today there was a statement in Parliament by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. It is regrettable that a budget has had to be set as local Ministers on the ground would have been far better placed to make these decisions. I was pleased that the Minister assured the House that the government will…

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