New proposals from Ofcom

Last month Ofcom set out a set of new proposals. They want it to be a requirement that providers of broadband and phone services should pay automatic compensation to customers who suffer from delayed repairs, appointments that are missed or delays in starting new services.

Ofcom are consulting till the 5th of June and are expected to publish a statement on the findings by the end of the year. The proposed new rules are intended to mean that money is paid automatically to customers when things don’t go to plan. The idea is to ensure that not only are providers incentivized to work hard and improve services, customers will be fairly compensated for delays.

If you would like to learn more about the consultation or take part in it then please click here: http://mdon.co.uk/2oUIPox

Compensation payments would be set by Ofcom, and designed to reflect the degree of harm suffered by consumers. Ofcom estimate that these plans would mean up to 2.6 million additional customers could receive up to £185m in new compensation payments each year. Currently, there are 7.2m instances where landline or broadband customers suffer delayed repairs, missed appointments or delays to new installations.