New PM has the drive to steer us through Brexit

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Gazette & Herald Column 14 Jul 16
Theresa May is the formidable woman and will be a formidable Prime Minister. She has the guts and gravitas to get our ship through the choppy waters ahead and I know that Conservative MPs will fully support her and she will be able to unite the country. Andrea Leadsom should be thanked for putting our country first and having the grace to step aside so that we can have stability at this uncertain time.

She has a strong track record of taking on vested interests, most notably the Police Federation. She will stand up for honest, hardworking people – the employee, the consumer and the individual. Her plan is to build an economy that work for everyone, where we all share from the benefits of a growing economy with the whole country. She has spoken of the need to crack down even further on tax evasion and target inflated boss’ bonuses which can often come at the expense of employees pay and rights.

Last week I ran an online survey about who local people wanted to be the next Prime Minister and Theresa May won over 70% of the over 2000 votes cast. This confirmed my thinking that she is the best person to unify the country and steer us through the choppy waters ahead.

Theresa May will continue and build upon the agenda that I was elected to deliver; including improving life chances for all and ensuring economic security and stability. She is a talented negotiator who will get the best deal post Brexit because she has the authority, experience and drive required.

This will be a vital focus for Theresa May but in addition, she has set out her vision of a country for that works everyone and her desire to continue our work on social mobility and social justice.

I entered politics to help improve the life chances of others and before giving my support to Theresa I met with her to question her on this important area. She confirmed that she will prioritise this and shares my passion to help create a more socially mobile society.

Whilst I am sad to see David Cameron leave office, I am delighted that we will be continuing and building on his work to help enable to create more opportunities and enable people to get on in life as he once said ‘it is not where you are from that matters but where you are going.’

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