More local jobs for local people

Michelle Donelan with IDS

This week I met with Iain Duncan Smith to discuss getting more people into work. We particularly talked about local apprenticeship schemes plus skills training and support.

I welcomed the new figures showing that since 2010 the number of people in the Chippenham constituency claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance while not in employment fell by over 900 – a 60% per cent drop.

This means more local people in work, with the security of a good job and a regular pay packet so they can provide for themselves and their families.

People are getting off benefits and into work across the South West, with 163,000 more people in work since 2010. Across the UK, there are 2 million more people at work than at the end of thirteen years of a Labour Government.

It is great news that over the last five years the number of people relying on Jobseeker’s Allowance has fallen by so much. I am committed to helping create an environment where local businesses can create more local jobs and apprenticeships.

I want even more families in Wiltshire with the security and stability of a regular pay packet and my target is zero unemployment locally.

This is down to the hard work and the determination of local people. So well done! The government is committed to go further, as we work towards a Britain of full employment, which offers working people security at every stage of their life. I will be pushing at every stage to not only work towards full employment locally but more local jobs. We need to reduce the cost and time that people are spending commuting.