Long term economic plan in Chippenham

The Conservative long term economic plan is producing more jobs and putting more pounds in pockets. The Claimant Count in the Chippenham constituency is down 48% since Dec 2010.

There is a lot to do still and I am standing to be our next MP to support local business, revive our town centres, market our towns and attract new businesses into our area. We need more local jobs for local people. A strong local champion and a Conservative government can achieve this.

Nationally unemployment is continuing to fall and pay is continuing to outstrip inflation. The jobless total fell by 58,000 between September and November to a six-year low of 1.91 million, while a record 30 million people are in work. Average earnings increased by 1.7% in the year to November, up by 0.3% on the previous month.

We have a long way to go and I know that you are still feeling the pinch but we cannot jeopardise the recovery or economic security that has been created for local hardworking people. A vote for anyone other than the Conservatives could hand the keys of power to Labour which will endanger our national and local economy, jobs, security and economic stability.

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