London Bridge

I am disgusted and horrified by last night’s attack in London. It is so sad and my heart goes out to all of the families of victims and everyone who had to go through that dreadful ordeal. My prayers are with them and for our country at this awful and frightening time. It has now been confirmed that there are seven fatalities, not including the three suspected terrorists that were shot dead by armed police. 

The campaign has only been suspended nationally today and local level campaigning is set to continue, but, as a mark of respect I have decided to suspend campaigning in the constituency by the Conservative party. I will be making every effort to contact as many volunteers that I can today.

Terrorism must never win and the election must carry on or we are in danger of letting them destroy our democracy. However, I do think that it is right and necessary that we take the day to absorb what has happened before we carry on. There will be constituents who may only just be waking up and learning of the news of last night’s events, it is possible that some could even have friends or family members that have been caught up in events.

Anyone who is worried about family or friends who may have been in the London Bridge area last night can contact the emergency support number on 0800 096 1233.

Michelle Donelan