Local business backs Michelle Donelan

20141120-Gazette_Herald-Michelle-DonelanText in Gazette and Herald (20 November 14):

Michelle Donelan, the Conservative Prospective Member of Parliament for the Chippenham Constituency, has a clear plan for creating more local jobs and attracting investment into our towns. As a local marketing freelancer she understands the struggles of small business and is committed to supporting and promoting local businesses.

Since 2010, the number of people in the South West who are in work has gone up by 121,000, that’s 121,000 more people who are earning a regular wage and who are better able to provide for their families.

Locally the number of people in work has increased by 12,100 since 2010. “These are encouraging figures, but I want more,” said Michelle. “I aim to visit two businesses each week to hear about what will help them to grow and take on more staff. Too many people commute to work, I want more local jobs for local people.”

Backing local business and reviving our town centres are central to Michelle Donelan’s long term plan for the Chippenham Constituency. Her plan includes making Wiltshire a business friendly environment – by improving the mobile network coverage, transport infrastructure and campaigning to reduce parking charges. Plus, cutting red-tape and regulation for businesses – allowing businesses more time to focus on growing their business.

She said: “We need to put our towns on the business map to encourage businesses to relocate to Wiltshire. Wiltshire used to be a hub of business and industry and I want to help create an environment where that can happen again.”

Recent polls have shown that just 13% of business owners trust the Labour Party with the economy, with a vast majority preferring the Conservative’s long-term economic plan for getting the country’s finances back on track to secure a better future for Britain.

Chippenham is a key area in deciding the outcome of the next General Election. There has never been a Conservative majority Government without a Conservative MP in Chippenham.

Voting for Nick Clegg’s candidate is a risk. It is a risk because it could give Nick Clegg the casting vote on who the next Prime Minister should be: David Cameron or Ed Miliband. A vote for anyone other than Michelle Donelan risks putting Ed Miliband into Downing Street. There is a real risk that from May next year the country could be run by Messrs Clegg and Miliband.

In contrast, Michelle Donelan is an active local campaigner, with a clear, long-term plan for our community.

By supporting Michelle you will not just get a hardworking and effective local champion, but you will also be ensuring David Cameron remains as Prime Minister and we don’t go back to same old Labour under Ed Miliband, propped up by Nick Clegg.

To read more about Michelle Donelan’s long-term plan for Wiltshire, visit her website at http://michelledonelan.com/plan