Introducing the greatest extension in workers’ rights and protections of any Conservative Government

Michelle Donelan with Theresa May

The Conservatives under Theresa May today pledge to deliver a new deal for workers that will lead to the greatest extension of rights and protections for employees by any Conservative Government in history.

If elected on 8 June, Theresa May’s Conservatives will strike a fairer deal for ordinary working people with a raft of measures including new rights for those who have to leave work to care for family members, or experience child bereavement, a greater stake for workers in their companies, and a commitment to continue increasing the National Living Wage.

The package will also help secure economic growth by giving workers rights to request training, to prepare workers for the high-skilled, highly paid jobs of the future, and a new programme of high-quality returnships, to help those returning to the labour market.

Michelle Donelan, Conservative candidate for the Chippenham constituency, said:

These are an excellent set of proposals that will help extend the protections and rights that workers enjoy, the Conservative Manifesto is going to deliver that. These plans that will be backed up by strong and stable leadership by Theresa May, will form the backbone of what is the greatest expansion in workers’ rights by any Conservative Government. Your choice next month on the 8th of June will be between Theresa May’s Conservative team or Jeremy Corbyn propped up by a coalition of chaos.

The plans will be published this week in the Conservative Party manifesto and will include:

1. Protection for all workers’ rights currently guaranteed by EU law. The Conservatives will guarantee all rights that workers currently enjoy as we leave the European Union.

2. A commitment to increase the National Living Wage in line with median earnings until the end of the next Parliament in 2022.

3. New protections for ‘gig’ economy workers, following the Matthew Taylor Review that Theresa May established in one of her first moves after becoming Prime Minister

4. Representation for workers on company boards, under the Conservatives’ wider reforms to corporate governance.

5. A new statutory right to receive information about key decisions affecting your company’s future, subject to reasonable safeguards, and in keeping with but not exceeding the rights of shareholders.

6. A new statutory right to request leave for training purposes, to help workers gain the skills they need to retain good, well-paid jobs.

7. A new statutory right to leave to care for a family member, in line with other countries.

8. New rules to protect workers’ pensions from irresponsible behaviour by company bosses, like unsustainable dividends and takeovers that put the future of the pension scheme at risk.

9. Reforms to the Equalities Act to extend protections from discrimination to those suffering fluctuating or intermittent mental health conditions.

10. A statutory right to child bereavement leave, for those who suffer the tragedy of losing a child.

11. The introduction of new returnships for people returning to the labour market from a period of absence, including from parenthood and elderly care.