Appeal for your help

Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

Appeal for your help! No money required. As a Trustee of local Wiltshire charity Help Victims of Domestic Violence I am asking for your help. We have put in a bid to win £25,000 which amongst other things would help us to purchase a van to ensure that we can effectively help as many local people as possible.

ALL you have to do is vote – https://foundation.onefamily.com/…/helping-victims-of-domes…

Please share this so that your family and friends will help too. You can live anywhere in the UK to vote. The charity with the most votes in their group gets the funds.

HVDV provides practical support to families, individuals (male and female), young people and children who have experienced domestic violence and their associated issue.

Our organisation aims to reduce their suffering and promote their health and wellbeing by helping them sustain independence and take back control of their lives.

To find out more about HVDV visit http://hvdv.webs.com/