Honoured to meet with a brave WW2 veteran

It was an honour to meet one of our local brave WW2 veterans today. He attended Primary school in Shaw and currently lives in Whitley – Mr Diffell, controlled LCAs which ferried US soldiers onto Omaha Beach during D-Day. In fact, he was involved in the first wave taking the 31 soldiers of the US 1st Infantry Division to the most eastern sector of Omaha. He then continued to take supplies across to the Mulberry Harbours during the rest of 1944-’45.

Last year, President Hollande promised surviving D-Day veterans that they may be able to receive the Legion d’Honneur. However despite applying Mr Diffell is still waiting. I am pushing his case to ensure that his bravery and courage is recognised – just as he deserves.Michelle Donelan meeting with WW2 Veteran Frank Diffell