Holocaust Memorial Day

In the past week I had the honour of adding my name to the Book of Commitment organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust (UK) and re-affirm my commitment to remembering this tragedy and the millions of lives lost as part of Holocaust Memorial Day tomorrow (Saturday 27th January).

The true power of Holocaust Memorial Day is not just in remembering and honouring the millions of lives lost but also in learning the lessons of the tragic events which took place and ensuring that we could never let such acts happen again. The theme of this years event is ‘the power of words’ a powerful reminder that the killing and horror did not start in the gas chambers of Europe but in the teaching, normalising and gradual acceptance of hate speech and language. In a world of social media and internet anonymity, it often seems that we are powerless to fight to stop the spread of hate filled language and imagery, but fight we must to ensure the lessons of the past have been learned and applied and the millions lives lost have not been forgotten.