Helping local charity Doorway to help those in need

Last week I volunteered with Doorway – I am passionately an advocate, supporter and volunteer for this wonderful local organisation. Whatever happens after the next election I shall remain dedicated to this fantastic charity. In all my years of volunteering I have never experienced such a wonderful organisation led by passionate and committed staff.

Doorway is an open access drop-in centre for those who are homeless, sofa surfing or who have complex issues that might affect their ability to acquire and / or sustain a tenancy.

Doorway helps local people in need – without judgement or questioning. Doorway believes that everyone deserves a second chance in life and a helping hand. That is actually the reason why I want to be our next Member of Parliament – to help all those in need. The government must be a safety net for the needy, poor, disabled and struggling. I believe that we need to work with the voluntary sector to achieve this.

The Conservatives are investing around £470 million over the spending review period to directly support charities and voluntary groups. In December 2014, we will launch a new £40 million Local Sustainability Fund to support front line voluntary organisations to better prepare for the longer term.

For more information about Doorway and their work visit: