Helen’s Law Campaign

I cannot even begin to imagine how tragic it must be to have a loved one murdered by an individual. As the law stands, a prisoner can still be released at the end of their sentence without revealing the whereabouts of the body of the victim, this can make the pain of loss even more intolerable. It is bad enough when people have lost a loved one and even worse when they are unable to say goodbye properly.

This is why I support the ‘Helen’s Law’ campaign which seeks to ensure the Parole Board review guidelines in this area and help prevent convicted killers from being released unless they reveal the location of a victim’s body.

I certainly hope that in some small measure this change can start to help victim’s families heal and gain at least some closure from tragic events.

I wrote to the Secretary of State for Justice on this issue HERE and the reply I received HERE. If you would like to contact me with your thoughts on this issue, then please email me at michelle.donelan.mp@parliament.uk