The Green Cafe in Lacock

Last weekend, I went to the ‘Green Cafe’ which is hosted by the Cornerstone Cafe (formerly the Carpenters Arms) in Lacock. This is an exciting new project initiated by St Cyriacs’ and St Annes’ church. The cafe provides a regular monthly opportunity to meet others over a cup of tea combatting loneliness and building a sense of community. It was fantastic to hear how the volunteers are aiming to build a welcoming community hub and to open doors between residents, groups and those working locally.

The cafe sells only Fairtrade products promoting ethical wages and working environments overseas. As part of ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’ a speech was given by Patrick Kaberia Muthaura who works in Kenya as a Fairtrade Foundation Tea Producer. It was extremely insightful and made everyone think about the impact Fairtrade has in these nations.