Great to get an update about the work of Wiltshire Music Centre

wilts musicGreat to get an update about the work of Wiltshire Music Centre and catch up with Clare Jack the Executive Director. Wiltshire Music Centre is a fantastic resource and community hub that helps projects around the county not just at it’s base in Bradford on Avon. I am committed to protecting and securing investment into our arts, culture and heritage.

Wiltshire Music centre is a wonderful example of how one charity can offer many things to local people and boost our community offering and tourism trade.

In the past year they have:

  • Put on around 95 live music concerts and 12 live streaming of opera and ballet from Covent Garden and the ENO
  • Sold around 23,000 tickets
  • Welcomed another 40,000 people through the doors to participate in learning projects and regular activities here
  • Invested around £20,000 in subsidised or free tickets for young people
  • Employed 10 full time equivalent staff
  • Provided a paid internship of 12 months to a young arts graduate
  • Contributed over £900,000 to the local economy

I am proud that the Conservative party is committed to making Britain a world leader in the creative industries and I want to help make Wiltshire play a leading role in this – 

We have:

  • Helped the creative industries to grow. Through tax breaks and other support we have helped these industries, like film, music, television and video games grow. The sector is now worth £77 billion to the economy each year, generating over £8.8 million an hour and supporting 1.7 million jobs.
  • Increased funding for the arts. By restoring the amount of lottery money going to the arts, over £100 million extra is now going to arts and cultural organisations. This means total arts funding is higher in 2015 that it was in 2010 and more arts money is now spent outside of London than in the capital.
  • Maintained free museum entry. We have maintained funding for national museums and galleries so they remain open for free, with around 40 million people visiting them each year. As a History Graduate I think  it is vital that we all have the opportunity to learn about our heritage.

We are stooped in history, culture and heritage and have a fine offering of arts – I want to champion these offerings as your next MP and help put Wiltshire at the core of the cultural map. This will help attract more tourist revenue, extend our recreational offerings, ensure we all engage and learn more about our heritage and help foster and develop our sense of community.