Giving carers the recognition and support they need

This week I attended a meeting for Carers Support Wiltshire, for whom I am proud to be a member of the newly formed employers steering group.

Across the UK, over 6 million people are carers, supporting a loved one who is older, disabled or seriously ill. These people are selfless, unpaid and deserve recognition.

1 in 10 of employed people in Wiltshire is a carer for someone. Over 60% of carers also have to hold down a job and two thirds of us will be a carer for someone at some point in our lives.

The term ‘carer’ is misunderstood and too often this leads to carers not getting the support, help and recognition that they need and deserve.

Caring for others is such a vital part of life. Carers throughout our community are holding families together, helping loved ones get the most out of life, making a colossal contribution to our society and saving the UK economy literally billions of pounds.

Our steering group work with companies across Wiltshire to train them to understand more about the needs of those who combine work with caring for loved ones. More flexible working hours, an understanding about the stresses that are involved and greater knowledge about what support is out there for employers and employees alike are all part of our work.

  • If you are an employer or carer, please make sure you are getting the support you are entitled to. CLICK HERE to download a fact sheet about the support that is available.
  • In just over a month’s time is National Carers’ Week. There are events taking place throughout our community – for more information about local events CLICK HERE.
  • On 13th June, please join me at the Chippenham Walk a Mile in My Shoes 2015 event to help raise awareness of carers – for more information or to sign up CLICK HERE.

Carers do a vital, loving and selfless thing and deserve the communities’ support and thanks. I hope that I am elected on Thursday so that I can work towards greater recognition and understanding of those who care for others and champion them in Parliament.