Focussing on improving mental health care

The Prime Minister is absolutely right to focus on improving mental health care. It’s something I’ve campaigned on, and so I really welcome this.

But there are two key things that need to be addressed as part of this drive: first, boosting the number of beds closer to home for young people, so that constituents of mine in Wiltshire can be treated closer to friends and family.

Second, we must look at prevention as well as cure. We’ve witnessed an astonishing and troubling surge in mental health problems amongst our young people in recent years. We need to get a handle on why that is, so that we can keep our teenagers happier and healthier. There’s an increasing body of evidence that bullying and other misuse of social media is wreaking havoc.

Parents and teachers have an important role of course in tackling this. But social media companies need to step up and play their part too. With great financial power comes responsibility.

Mental health reforms to focus on young people, says PM: